God’s Miracle Garden

The mission of God’s Miracle Garden project is to create a local space in Palacios, Texas where kids of all ages can learn to grow things, expand their understanding of foods, and become connected with the beauty and cycles of the garden…maybe even glimpse the heart of God’s love in the earth.

In a collaborative, community venture a little goes a long way.  We greatly appreciate every bit of support and all funding goes to direct expenses of God’s Miracle Garden project. For those of you with a heart to give monthly, thank you so much. It helps us plan and commit to sponsoring children throughout the entire growing and training season.

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Sandra Catlett is a new resident to Palacios retiring from the City life of Dallas, to enjoy the waterfront of Tres Palacios Bay. As a great lover of gardens and beauty, she brings great energy and passion to God’s Miracle Garden.

“When you give a financial gift to support God’s Miracle Garden, you are planting a seed of God’s Love in the hearts and minds of children. We teach every child they have a divine seed of Destiny, Purpose and Worth from their Heavenly Father. We want to nourish it to grow and bear fruit.”           Sandra Catlett

God’s Miracle Garden  |  Palacios, Texas

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