God’s Miracle Garden

GMG T-Shirts Available

We have some t-shirts for you! Adult sizes in Teal or Gray and Girls' sizes in Teal. We're so excited and guess you are, too since you keep asking where you can get one!  Here you go! Thanks so much for being a part of our God's Miracle Garden Palacios project.  Check...

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Keeping the Earth Beautiful

By Lynn Powers |  I recently discovered that April has been dubbed, Keep America Beautiful month. I am fortunate to live in a well-kept area but even here there is evidence of abuse and neglect of the earth. I imagine God must just shake His head in disappointment at...

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Gardening With Kids – A Richly Rewarding Experience!

By Piper Cox | Sharing your garden with children can be a rewarding activity for both the child and the adult. Children have such a sense of wonder and watching them enjoy the growing process is such a treat! It helps to renew our own sense of awe at nature and the...

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Gardening With Your Kids – An Introduction to Healthy Foods

by By Stephani McGirr | A common question I get asked is: “How do I get my child interested in healthier food choices?” While that is a completely separate topic of its own, for today I’m simply going to give you my number one answer – gardening! Planting a garden...

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Healthy Cooking For Kids, By Kids

We love this idea! Let's do it here! Studies show that when kids learn to prepare food, they are more likely to try new foods, and also to be open to making healthier food choices. When they garden they learn where their food comes from and are more likely to try new,...

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